Weatherford Hotel

The time is near!!!

A beautiful location for Celebration of Life and Memorial Services in Flagstaff AZ | The Weatherford has four unique spaces to choose from | Celebrate your loved one at our historic hotel | Have a lovely and intimate memorial service in any of our unique locations

Is it really almost here???? After years of planning, dreaming and preparing, we are finally ready to announce… “The time is almost upon us!” Sam and Henry (along with the best staff in town) are about to embark in one of their biggest adventures yet… OPENING THE GOPHER HOLE!!!!

Over the past year we’ve watched as crews have come in to work from the top down to prepare are beautiful building for the massive remodel of the basement. We’ve seen thousands of pounds of tar peeled off of our roof, said good bye to our favorite storage area, and kicked our beloved maintenance man, Greg, out of his “office”. There have been walls sealed up, stairways turned into closets, and where there was once a wall of dirt  you’ll now find a fancy game room (and state of the art bathrooms!). But the what has really captured us, what has really made us stand back and say: “it’s really happening”… is the day we saw the bar come to life!

Today was the day we finally got to fill the beautiful new shelves, rails and counters of the Gopher Hole bar with our favorite friends: Johnny, Jack and Jim (just to name a few). It’s housing all of our favorites and yours. Plus, as we speak, our devoted researchers (a.k.a. our beloved bartenders) are out searching for some new labels to add to the mix. (Remember that we are always looking for suggestions from our friends!)

With our 80 keg-cooler primed and ready to roll, we’re just waiting on our first delivery to stock it up (have we mentioned how excited our delivery guys are??). The 20 tap handles are on their way and set to be the centerpiece for this work of art.

This beautiful display of libation-al glory was the hit of the 1930’s; when it’s grand opening marked the end of prohibition in Flagstaff, and we can’t wait to watch you all celebrate with us when you come in!