Weatherford Hotel

New Hotel Rooms Coming to the Weatherford

newly renovated hotel rooms coming to the Weatherford Hotel

Since we purchased the Hotel Weatherford in 1975 we have made it our mission to save this historic building and make it the cornerstone of a thriving downtown Flagstaff. We have put our heart and soul into making this business the best it can be for our customers!

The Hotel Weatherford opened its doors to the public on New Year’s Day 1900 when Flagstaff was just small watering hole in the wild west. Now at 119 years old, the Weatherford needs consistent upkeep and renovations to protect the structural integrity of the building. From rebuilding the beautiful wrap around balcony, to renovating the basement to bring you the Gopher Hole, we are constantly trying to improve the building for the sake of our guests and preserving this magnificent historical landmark.

It is with those goals in mind that we announce some new construction happening at the Weatherford over the next 2 to 4 months! We are adding structural support in the Charly’s Lounge (also known as the Main Bar), removing the ceiling in the lobby that is currently the Mezzanine, and constructing new hotel rooms in what are currently offices. The end result will be 6 new hotel rooms and an airy, spacious lobby area.

We are excited for the finished product, but we also acknowledge the inconvenience to our guests. Throughout construction the Gopher Hole will be open at 11AM for lunch and dinner, the Exchange Pub side of the restaurant will be open at 8am Friday, Saturday and Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and our wait staff will guarantee the same service that you would receive in our restaurant. Please call us for the most up-to-date information on construction and any questions that you may have at (928) 779-1919.

When the Weatherford opened in 1900 the Coconino Sun said, “There is no finer hotel in the whole southwest,” and we mean to keep it that way.

-Henry Taylor & Sam Green, owners of the Hotel Weatherford

See pictures of the renovation in progress!

Plans for the renovation of the staircase blueprints for our hotel renovations at the Weatherfordnewly constructed and carpeted stairs walls under construction at the Weatherford Hotel in Flagstaff AZ progress picture of our renovations in Flagstaff A strong support is important above all elseRestoration project underway at the Weatherford Restoring our historic hotel to its former glory
the exterior under construction in Flagstaff Arizonacompletely restored with a lot of upgrades hard at work on the restoration A historic hotel in Arizona An icon of downtown for generations Newly constructed stairs at our hotel A great view of the stairs under construction Restored back to the Weatherford's former gloryCheck out our renovations in personA landmark of the community