Charly’s Pub & Grill

You won’t find a better Navajo Taco than the ones we make at Charly’s at the Weatherford Hotel! Enjoy our new menu and cocktails at downtown Flagstaff's most iconic historic hotel! Open for dine in or to go's, enjoy a irish coffee by our wood fire stove while listening to smooth Jazz!

Zane Grey Bar & Ballroom

Located on our 3rd floor, our famous Zane Grey Bar and Ballroom is one of Flagstaff’s most popular watering holes offering 10 beers on tap. The structure was rescued from Tombstone, AZ and pre-dates the building itself! We invite to come up and visit, grab appetizers and drinks, then wander outside to enjoy the view from the balcony!

The Gopher Hole Pub

We have restored the majestic basement into a speakeasy – style pub, serving classic fare and offering 20 beers on tap! This one of a kind space will be open daily and available to rent out for special events.