Quaint, private rooms in the heart of downtown Flagstaff

The Hotel Weatherford has 17 quaint, private rooms for you to enjoy. The hotel Weatherford’s rooms are decorated in a charming, turn-of-the-century style. It’s a refreshing step back to yesteryear. Enjoy live entertainment most nights of the week in Charly’s Pub and downstairs in The Gopher Hole. Upstairs, on our 3rd floor, is the home of the Zane Grey Bar and Ballroom; where we also host live music along with special events!

In the colder months, the hotel is heated with steam radiators, so if you hear clanking on a cold winter night, it’s not ghosts — it’s the steam pipes expanding… and they’ll stop in a few minutes.

Throughout the summer, we encourage you to open your windows to enjoy a nice cool Flagstaff breeze! Our 3 suites also offer window-mounted air conditioning for some additional comfort.


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We look forward to your stay with us!