Welcome to the Weatherford

Charly’s Pub & Grill – 8am to close daily

Zane Grey – 4pm – close Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Gopher Hole – 4pm to close daily

Back when Arizona was a territory and vigilantes ruled the dirt streets. John W. Weatherford rode into these parts by horse and buggy with a grand vision for the West. On the very first day of the new century, Weatherford threw open the doors of his grand hotel — doors that would welcome presidents and gunslingers alike to a civilized oasis in the wild, dusty West. Since then, this fabulous building has housed Flagstaff’s first telephone exchange company, various restaurants, a theater, radio station, and a billiard hall. It has also survived fire, harsh weather, world wars, and a planned demolition. After over 30 years of restoration, we’re proud to share the Hotel Weatherford and the chance to sample the flavor of Flagstaff’s pioneer beginnings. Best of all, today the Weatherford is not just a hotel — it’s a premier destination for dining and entertainment, as well as a great place to host your next party… or to watch the pinecone drop on New Year’s Eve.

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