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Front Desk Clerk

Job Type: Part-time

Job Description

Become an ambassador of first impressions at the historic Weatherford Hotel. While working the front desk, your charming personality will set the tone for our guests, and since every interaction counts, you’ll make sure we shine brightly from beginning to end.

Responsibilities include:
  • Check guests in/out and assist with their luggage to/from their rooms up two flights of stairs.
  • Accommodate guests to ensure each person is greeted, treated, and directed with grace.
  • Speak knowledgeably of Northern Arizona and its tourist sights and activities.
  • Answer phones and manage the hotel reservation system.
Required Skills:
  • Demonstrate excellent customer service, organization, cash handling, and problem-solving skills.
  • Quickly learn and proficiently operate our computer reservation system.
Physical Requisites:
This position is fast-paced and physically demanding. Consider it a mix of strength and cardio training as you will regularly carry heavy objects up/downstairs during each shift. Your fitness tracker will thank you.
3-10 PM. Hours may vary.

Job Openings

Banquet Captain

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We're looking for high-quality people who will care for our customers as much as we do while providing exceptional service with a smile.


As a cook, you are responsible for the preparation, presentation, and execution of all items on the menu.

Experienced Server

Service makes or breaks a dining experience. And by service, we mean you - the server.

Front Desk Clerk

Become an ambassador of first impressions at the historic Weatherford Hotel.

Night Auditor

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Security Guard

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