Historical Timeline

For more than 100 years, the Weatherford Hotel has punctuated the Flagstaff skyline, enduring many changes and historical milestones.

1897 John Weatherford arrives in Flagstaff.
1898 John Weatherford gets permission to build his hotel.
1900 The Hotel Weatherford opens its doors to the public.
1906 Charles “Buffalo” Jones establishes a preserve at Grand Canyon (North Rim).
1909 Phone service reaches Flagstaff; the Telephone Exchange building is constructed.
1915 A freak storm dumps 5 feet of snow, flattening many downtown buildings.
1916 The rebuilt New Weatherford Opera House (now the Orpheum) opens.
Weatherford gets a permit to build San Francisco Mountain Boulevard.
1926 Ten miles of San Francisco Mountain Boulevard are complete before the project is abandoned.
1907 Zane Grey first hears of West from Charles “Buffalo” Jones.
1908 Zane Grey, a frequent Weatherford guest, visits Grand Canyon country and starts writing books.
1929? Balcony burned.
1975 The Taylors purchase the hotel and open the Weatherford Residential Facility.
1977 The Taylors close the Residential Facility and open Charly’s Restaurant.
1978 An International Hostel opens at the Weatherford.
1978 The Weatherford is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
1990 The Taylors bring fine dining to the Weatherford.
1997 The Zane Grey Ballroom opens.
1999 The first New Year’s Eve pine cone drop.